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I’m in awe of women and what we’re capable of. I have been photographing mothers and their families for over 10 years and am also a mum of two incredible kids. Being a mum has been my greatest pride and joy and gave me a new sense of self. Nothing can compare to the depth of a mothers love for her child, you give yourself so completely, your body, your time and your heart.

I can’t think of anything more beautiful and worthwhile to photograph.

If you feel a connection with my style and approach, and don't want to miss capturing this incredible time with your family, I would love to give you some more information.

I am available in Melbourne and greater Melbourne. I look forward to meeting you.

Nicolle x

Client testimonials


"Since falling pregnant with my first child, I have had Nicolle capture three very special moments for our family; when I was 37 weeks pregnant, when my baby was 1 month old, and when he was 9 months old and just starting to crawl!!! Nicolle came to our house on each occasion and captured the magic in our own familiar environment, where we felt comfortable and at ease to be ourselves.

Most women are feeling pretty over their pregnancy by 37 weeks, so it takes a lot of skill to make a woman feel relaxed when baring their baby bump, and sexy when half naked! And babies are not the easiest of subjects to photograph at the best of times. But Nicolle knows when and how to get the best shots, depending on the age of the child.

So special and unforgettable!!!"