Mother warrior – Estelle | Newborn portrait photography

What was your pregnancy like?

It challenged every element of what I knew about me. It was a tough journey from an emotional perspective but one I am so proud of now.


What does the word 'mother' mean to you?

To protect, guide, teach and learn. To love myself knowing I am accomplishing great things for my child and with my child.


What was your birth like?

A moment in time where the world ceased and that moment was purely devoted to me. I cried like I’ve never cried before as I felt every emotion come through my body.

Newborn photographer-13.jpg

What advice would you give new mums?

Follow your own intuition- your intuition will never ever fail you.

Newborn photographer-10.jpg

Who inspires you as a mother?

My mum!

Anything else you would like to add?

It’s a tough fricken job but when my son curls up to me knowing he is safe and loved in my embrace then you realise it’s all worth it.

Estelle is an amazingly talented and inspiring women, who, along with raising her son (now 3 years-old) also owns fashion label and had her recent collection showing with – Mother warrior indeed!!! instagram @theestellereport