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Mother warrior –Carol

What was your pregnancy like?

It was my 2nd pregnancy. I had a great experience until late in the 3rd trimester when I had a lot more pain and discomfort than in my 1st pregnancy.

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What does the word 'mother' mean to you?

It means I get the pleasure of being the most important person to a couple little people- Just like my mom is to me!

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What was your birth like?

Disappointing. I was attempting VBAC for my 2nd birth. I was inspired to experience birth after feeling like I'd missed out after my first caesarean. My efforts were many, including support from a psychologist, hypnobirthing education, acupuncture, and support from a private midwife. I had to fight for my rights for VBAC almost the entire way and in the end, we needed another emergency caesarean. Most disappointing is accepting the fact that a 2nd caesarean means the likelihood of me every giving birth vaginally is low.

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What advice would you give new mums?

Enjoy all that you can. Everything changes so quickly.

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Who inspires you as a mother?

Watching my kids develop and change, watching my partner parent in his own way, recognising my parent's words coming out of my own mouth.

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Carol is a music teacher growing a private studio of students to teach piano lessons/trumpet lessons, from her home in Heathmont. She has such a gentle nature and is super lovely! if you’re looking for a music teacher check out her website…