Mother warrior – Alyce | Newborn portrait photography

What does the word 'mother' mean to you?

A protector, role model, educator and friend. Being selfless and sacrificing your needs for the wants and needs of your child.

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What was your pregnancy like?

Enjoyable. I loved the excitement and anticipation of it all. I wasn’t sick, so I was lucky. Worst parts were the swollen feet and heartburn.

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What was your birth like?

Looking back it wasn’t that bad. 14 hours. Laboured at home for most, and went to hospital at 2.30pm and he was born at 5.30pm. The tens machine and my husband made it bearable, and helped me have a natural and very quick birth in the end, he came out with only a few pushes and a little bit of gas.

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What advice would you give new mums?

enjoy every moment, as they grow up in front of your eyes so quickly. Trust your instincts and go with the flow with your baby, don’t compare your baby and their development to other babies as they all develop at different rates. Try and maintain a sense of humour in the midst of chaos and don’t be scared to ask for help from family and friends.

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Who inspires you as a mother?

My mother and Grandma. They have such a relaxed approach to parenting and I have adopted very similar approach.

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